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Anna Ventura born in Barcelona, Spain on October 22nd 1956, became a porn star the old-fashioned way. She took her natural-born curvy snake hips; nature-given, thick, wet, pouting facial lips; surgery-free rack of top-flight titties; and all the holes that bad girls come ready-equipped with, and she put all that raw material to the use that nature intended. She did some things nature never thought of as well. Named after the freeway… Porn Star Anna Ventura is another mid-80’s porn star who stayed on the scene just long enough to leave behind a tantalizing glimpse of just what she was capable of. She was one of the most beautiful women to ever step before the hardcore cameras, and she made her name with just a handful of films. Anna Ventura was a luscious brunette love doll with a fabulously slim, trim, and curvaceous body. Facially, she resembled ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, but, if anything, Anna Ventura was even prettier. She had a deep and dreamy pair of eyes that gave just a hint of the bad girl underneath. Anna Ventura debuted in porn in 1981’s ‘Bad Girls,’ and her scintillating portrayal as a debauched model garnered her instant star status. She scattered just a few more films over the next three years, but each one was a showcase of one of the most powerfully sexy women in the business. Anna Ventura’s sexual skills were on a par with her drop-dead good looks, and her excitable and vivid screen trysts were always the highlight of any film she was in. In features like ‘The Oui Girls’ and ‘Devil in Miss Jones II’ Anna Ventura strutted her sensual stuff like few have ever done before or since. Anna Ventura’s relatively tiny output makes each appearance all the more special, a nugget of pure sexual gold. Her final role was in 1985’s ‘Wild Dallas Honey,’ a fittingly red-hot finale for a lusty lady whose name belongs right up there with the best in erotic film history.

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